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Love Demystified - Reverend Bruce Howard

The Reverend Bruce Howard, a local staple in the greater Seattle area, speaks about love each week on public access television. But many people are confused about what the Reverend is actually saying, including me. This page is here to help untangle some of the confusion.

L + H = X

Love + Hope = X

Reverend Bruce Howard and Buster
Reverend Bruce Howard and Buster


"You have had a love experience" - At some point in your life you have had some type of experience with love. Maybe you loved your parents or perhaps you had a pet that you loved. You may have loved your spouse or children. The point is, you know what love is and that it exists.

"You know everyone has had a love experience" - You also know that everybody that has ever been born has also had some type of love experience. It may be different from your experience but you know everybody has felt love.

"Whence cometh love?" - Now, here's the really important part. Where does love come from? Let's start like this. Love is an emotion. The same way that JOY, sadness, hatefulness, happiness are all emotions. Love is an emotion too. But the thing about love is that it's the biggest... best... strongest emotion. I'm sure you can remember a point in your life when you felt love and everything in the world was right. The sun was a little brighter, the flowers smelled a little better, people were a little nicer and you felt GREAT. Love is different that all other emotions. Love is at the top of the list by a long way. How can this be? Well, love is a special emotion. It's like a gift to the whole world. So what does all this mean? Well... it's sort of proof of something better... or a supreme being... or an all encompassing good. It means that love must come from something good. The logical conclusion is that because the emotion "love" exists it must mean that there IS something good out there.


Now using this new found knowledge about love, and the related implications, you can now have hope. Hope for the future. Hope for something better. Hope for all of mankind. Hope for anything you want.


What does "X" mean? Why "X" is a variable of course. "X" can be replaced with anything. Here is what X means for us. X can be your outlook on life. X can be you hope of communicating with GOD. X can be your hope for the future of the human race. X can be whatever you want it to be. X just means that with this new found knowledge of love, love's implications and the hope that it gives you, you will be able to do anything you want.

I hope that with this little bit of information you are able to get a little more from Reverend Bruce Howard's show. And please visit the Unofficial Rev Bruce Howard website.

Saturday, September 07, 2002